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Special Needs and Special Abilities                                   


  "The Learning-Renaissance at    Beacon-Light extends to all Special Needs and Special Ability Children"




  • Special needs children nurtured and supported

The founders of Beacon-Light are Occupational Therapists and Psychotherapists with long professional experience of working with children from all backgrounds and of all abilities. 

Beacon-Light strongly believes in the right of Special-Needs Children and Young Learners to fully realize their educational potential, and understands that conventional state-education can fail them.

Beacon-Light works closely with Special-Needs Children and their Families to nurture and to realize the very best potential for education and for life.

  • Occupational therapy support with individually developed programs

Beacon-Light can offer specialist support from State-Registered Occupational Therapists who tailor individually developed rehabilitation programs from within a broader Personalized-Learning approach.

  • High ability and unusual learning-style children nurtured  

Children and Young-Learners who have high-ability or unusual learning styles are often misunderstood, miss-labelled and even neglected by the state-education system.  Consequently, many suffer great emotional distress and can go on to develop significant social-adjustment problems, mental illness and employment difficulties.

At Beacon-Light, we understand that these Children and Young Learners merit the very best support to realize their high potential.  Learner-centred, personalized education removes impediments to growth and secures their pathway to the future. -v