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"Beacon-Light offers a whole range of

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   Team Building for Teaching Staff

Beacon-Light consultants have provided fast and effective team-building workshop initiatives for the NHS and for business.  The same team-building dynamics are present in educational settings, and Beacon-Light is ready to assist you in maximizing the effective development of your staff-team.

    Rapport and Communication Skills (staff and pupil)

Rapport is the necessary first step in any effective communication. The ability to ‘log-on’ to another’s way of making sense of the world is an essential skill in teaching, just as it is for pupils who are going through transition from childhood into adolescence, and on into adulthood.  Beacon-Light provides tailored Rapport & Communication skills training for Teachers, enhancing their communication of knowledge and information.  For pupils, Beacon-Light offers Coaching in communication skills 'for life'.

     Stress Solutions

Beacon-Light provides practical and effective solutions to the stress of professional teaching.  Stress 'management' is non-solution based.  The Beacon-Light approach is a 'systems' based perspective, that effects changes in both individuals and in their work-environment. Well being and health maintenance are the essential prerequisites for an integrated and empowered teaching staff.  Beacon-Light offers Stress-Solutions and on-going maintainence skills to ensure a physically and psychologically healthy teaching-team.

      Innovative Classroom-Management

Beacon-Light provides an entirely fresh approach that goes well beyond simplistic behavioural management regimens – which often fail due to lack of real contact with pupils as human beings.  The simplicity of behavioural management regimens mean that they can be applied easily, but they have a negative 'dose-effect' curve - meaning that they become less & less effective over time.  Beacon-Light utilizes a 'Classroom Anthropology' model - one that links in with the natural development cycles of young people, and is particularly effective with the management problems arising from the various stages of adolescent transition.

      Personality 'Style' Assessment (pupil learning styles)

Beacon-Light offer in-house personality 'style' profiling as a means to identify pupils information processing and learning styles.  This kind of information is fundamental to understanding how individual pupils learn, how they may not learn, and how peer pressure from others who have different learning and information processing styles can lead to loss of confidence, underperformance and even failure.  Teachers too can benefit from an awareness of their own information processing style - and how they may adjust their approach to match that of their pupils.  This makes teaching more effective, less stressful and overall, much, much more rewarding.

      In-House Personalized Learning Consultancy

Beacon-Light specialize in the area of 'Personalised Learning', both for Home-Education and traditional School-Education.  Our consultants are available to work with Schools to develop tailored Personalized Learning programs and outcomes.  Government initiatives are very much in this direction, and Beacon-Light's success in this field can be a very valuable resource for Schools who wish to make progress in this exciting development.

      Be-spoke Solutions

Beacon-Light offers in-house be-spoke solutions for Schools, tailored to your specific requirements and goals.  Beacon-Light is goal-directed in all of its initiatives and helps you plan for success at the very start. -v

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