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School Support for Children


"Beacon-Light Offers both

  Learning-Support and Real

   Alternatives For Families

   With Children At School"



  • Learning Support, and Alternatives for School Attending Children

Beacon-Light offers both learning-support and alternatives to the conventional school curriculum. 

This support can be National Curriculum based, or based on the Personalized Learning philosophy that is becoming widely accepted and supported: including by the UK government  Link

Many children benefit from 'time-out' from a school environment.  This need not be a commitment to full-time home-schooling, but it can be an academic break, a 'window' of time and space for children to gather their resources and motivation. 

Beacon-Light educators can help by offering temporary home-school tuition or offer an alternative learning resource for children outside of and beyond that offered through normal school-attendance.  

Because Beacon-Light is Learner-Centred, 'Personalized Education', we can help children in need of academic support to full-fill their true potential: potential that is sometimes outside the scope of a conventional school to realize.

The realization of children's potential is our primary goal.

  • Education and Guidance Through the Adolescent Transition

One of the most difficult areas of education for families and teachers is how to help children and young-people successfully navigate transition into adolescence, and then on into adulthood. 

Beacon-Light offers an education and guidance service for pupils, families and teachers, that respects and utilizes these natural life-span transitions.  There is a fundamental conflict between the formality of education in schools and the developing instincts and hormonal changes in maturing children.  This conflict can lead to academic underperformance, social deviancy and crime, and even dysfunction and mental illness.

The Beacon-Light approach is to apply theories and methods from cultural and biological anthropology to the whole educational situation that children learn and develop within.  This approach takes away stigma and conflict, and gives children and teachers the tools to productively understand one another: to work together, and to realize each individual child's fullest learning potential.

  • Dealing with Bullying and Social Exclusion

One of the most worrying areas of concern for families of children at school is the social-pathology of bullying, violence, social aggression and exclusion.  This pressure - often from peers, can drive children into despair, illness and even suicide. 

Beacon-Light educators and consultants have a wide range of experience to draw upon.  Some are retired Police Officers, others are trained Psychotherapists & Counsellors.  In addition to their academic educational role, these skills augment their humanistic and child-centred approach in helping young people solve these very difficult problems.

Our consultants can work with schools, families and children and also liaise with other agencies such as the law-courts, the police, social-workers and the medical profession.

Our focus is solution based and goal directed, and we strongly advocate for children who are victims of social aggression at school.  -v