Pre Degree Alternatives


     "For Children & Young Learners of all ages and all backgrounds"


  • Renaissance-Learning

Renaissance-Learning at Beacon-Light, involves the development of an educational-super-highway based on children's self-selected and personalized learning. Children and young-learners select with their families their educational goal of choice and tailor their education towards success. 

Pre-school children often show talent and ability that is later 'washed-away' by the 'process' of formal state-schooling.  Beacon-Light recognizes that children's learning can be nurtured from the very beginning and that with loving and facilitative support, children's instincts for learning will shine a beacon of light along the road of life-long success.

  • Preparation for University from Primary-School Age Onwards

The new-paradigm education allows children, young-learners and their families, to prepare for eventual University entry from primary school age onwards. 

Learners self-select their "learning destination" (their degree subjects of choice) and then tailor their learning for this goal. 

Learners can re-specify their destination at any time: maintaining flexibility and ensuring that their motivation is always high and always focused on the goal of success.

  • Alternative route to GCSE and A-Level

Beacon-Light is working to develop formalize personalized learning into accredited alternatives to the National Curriculum and GCSE/A-Levels.

These qualifications will be recognized entry routes into Higher-Education that highlight talent, achievement, ability, interests and motivation. 

Children and Young-Learners will not be 'processed' through the increasingly devalued and discredited state-examinations - instead, they will have University recognized qualifications that truly reflect their potential for success in higher-education, employment and society.

  • Personalized-Learning is for all Children and Young Learners

Beacon-Light is not just about Higher-Education or University, its about the full realization of every child's potential.  Personalized Learning for ALL....   -v