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The Renaissance Academy and Beacon-Light Education

The Renaissance- Academy is at the forefront of the new Beacon-Light Personalized Learning-paradigm

The Renaissance-Academy is involved with developing a new integrated approach to education and athletics

The Renaissance-Academy offers accredited professional training in psychotherapy and the healing-arts

Renaissance-Learning at Beacon-Light Education


About Beacon-Light

Beacon-Light Education is the Personalized Learning Portal for the Renaissance-Academy.

Its objective is to realize the positive and creative potential in all learners, regardless of their ability range, or their social or economic background.

Beacon-Light was founded by married couple Steven and Pauline Richards: inspired by their creative experience of personalized learning in home-educating their children.

Now, Beacon-Light is staffed by a team of dedicated, creative, and inspirational educators, coaches, artists, teachers, athletes, therapists and business-leaders who's aim it is to bring personalized education to all.

The Beacon-Light approach can be utilized in schools, at home for home-educating families, in business to develop the fullest potential of employees, and, in the community for turning around the lives of children and young-people who otherwise would be lost to social depravation, illness, drugs, gangs, violence and crime.

Join us on the Educational Super-Highway, the Renaissance of Learning for the 21st century.