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        Home Education

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"Beacon-Light offers  a

  Complete  Consultation and

  Tuition  Service for

  Home-Educating Families"



  • Consultancy, Advice,  Guidance and Support

The decision to Home-Educate is never an easy one, and families may find themselves feeling lost and without direction or support.  Choices over how to educate their children, whether or not to follow the National Curriculum, dealing with Local Education Authority inspections, lack of clarity on the law and the rights of Home-Educating families, can be just the beginning.  Worries over social isolation for their children, and even rejection and jealousy from the families of school-educated children may soon appear.

The Founders of Beacon-Light are experienced and successful Home-Educators and are available to assist Home-Educating families through the initial transition phases and on into home-educational success. 

  • Personalized Learning

Beacon-Light Education and the Renaissance-Academy are at the forefront of an exciting new development in Individually-Tailored, Learner-Centred, Personalized Education.  'Personalized Education' is of great interest to the Government, but as a BBC report has highlighted - there are many difficulties with delivering it effectively in a conventional school environment:  LINK to BBC article on Personalized Education.

Beacon-Light is about solving these problems and the creation of an Educational Super-Highway as a fully-working and preferable alternative, to GCSE's and A-Levels.

Renaissance and Beacon-Light Education are developing links with Higher-Educational institutions to create pre-degree 'Personalized' educational pathways - self-selected by Home-Educating Families and their children, with specific destination goals in mind, including direct entry to University.

  • Flexible, Affordable, Goal-Directed Education

Beacon-Light Education offers flexible, affordable and goal-directed education. 

Flexibility comes from the Personalized nature of its educational programs. 

Affordable from being far less costly than a conventional private-school education, and by being competitive in price with GCSE and A-Level 'Distance Learning' routes. 

It is Goal-Directed, because children are allowed to set their own 'Learning-Destination' (University entry for example) and can build their whole education around the study for a specific degree entry, of their own choice.  

In this way, children can opt for a complete pre-degree education that is Science based, Humanities based or any combination that they choose.  

They can also retain flexibility and choice, so that they can re-specify their Learning-Destination  at any time.

Beacon-Light removes blocks to motivation and success, and allows Children to work towards the fullest realization of their potential.                     -v