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  "Giving Business's and

   Employers what they

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   a Highly-Motivated and Highly

   Skilled Work-Force"



  • Beacon-Light understands that education is for life, and for the workplace

Beacon-Light's Renaissance-Learning is not just academic, its intended to prepare children and young-learners to enter the work-force with the best possible education.  Employers know that the current standards in state-education often fall well below their requirements, with school -leavers lacking even basic numeracy and literacy skills.

Beacon-Light Educated children and young-learners, will have proven motivation and abilities.  They will be literate, numerate, have energy and stamina, and a proven track-record of working  successfully to complete goals.

Business's will recognize that these qualities are essential in the work-place.

  •  Working With Business

Beacon-Light is joining with business's to promote and develop the new-paradigm in personalized education.  Together with Universities and Institutes of Higher-Education, we will help young-people realize their fullest potential in Work and in Society.

Personalized-Education prepares young-learners for the world of work, and produces job-applicants who are well educated and highly motivated - in other words the work-force that business and the public sector actually wants.

Beacon-Light is forming partnerships with Business to promote and develop personalized education as a paradigm shift away from decline and failure, and upwards into growth, and success.

But personalized-learning in NOT just academic, nor is it only for students who wish to go into higher-education: personalized-learning is for ALL.  Beacon-Light will be developing learning initiatives with inner-city children and young-people by applying its philosophy and methods to educating socially disadvantaged youngsters for success in employment, and in life.

We will be working closely with Local Business's and Employers to realize this goal....

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